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Adrian’s got grand designs

Operations Director Adrian Colman has been leading the design and style team.

How would you describe your role?I’ve taken the lead and have overall responsibility for the interior design of the hotel as well as working with our architects to ensure our building will enable us to deliver a cutting edge finish.Over the past three years, I have established a unique catalogue of suppliers and agencies who’ve come together to provide great quality products which will enhance the finished product and wow our customers.I’ve also worked with Hotel La Tour Managing Director, Jane Schofield, to create our executive management team. Now we have opening day in our sights, my work is very much directed at our final set up and the interior finishes.Once we’re open, my role will also mean I am helping to ensure profitability and seamless service for our guests.This is an area where I will be able to use my skills and knowledge of the hotel business.What aspect of the project are you most proud of?That’s an easy one to answer: seeing my design vision turn into reality in what will no doubt become an iconic building in a fantastic location in Birmingham city centre.What’s been the biggest challenge so far?Ensuring the design of the building is functional and that everything about it will enhance the customer’s experience as well as providing a working environment for our employees which is second to none.It must be very exciting working on a new project but what will the hotel be like in five years’ time?Birmingham is our flagship site and my vision is that I will be involved in recreating it in additional properties in the UK which will become renowned for their high level of customer-focused service which embraces the latest in design and technology. Birmingham is where it all started and will become a blueprint for us so it will no doubt remain a very special location for us all.What’s your favourite food?Anything home cooked by my partner! I enjoy classic British dishes which bring something new to the table whether in the way they are presented or with the inclusion of new ingredients. I love eating out of course and am also happy cooking for friends and family at home.Where have you experienced great customer service?I bought a TV from John Lewis which failed after two years (it was guaranteed for five). They arranged for a temporary replacement to be delivered the next day while a new, upgraded, TV was ordered and delivered. No drama, no charge, no questions asked. Great service resulting in a very happy and loyal customer. Now I wouldn’t buy my household appliances anywhere else.What’s playing on your ipod right now?Hotel Shampoo by Gruff Rhys – may favourite track is Honey All Over.It’s a great song with a story which appeals!Listen here:

2 responses to "Talking style"
  1. Tom Weaver Says: 7 February, 2012 at 15:52

    Fantastic designs. Would really love a chat with Adrian if my details could be passed on.

    Great blogs as well. I am in Birmingham so will walk passed and try to peek in.

  2. Sue Castle-Smith Says: 8 February, 2012 at 11:31

    Already done Tom, please stay in touch (enjoying your tweets too!)

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