Farewell Galapagos…

Hotel La Tour Sales Manager bids farewell to the Galapagos Islands where she’s spent a month over Christmas as a volunteer teacher.

Here’s here latest blogpost.

The highlight has to be the daily trip to the beach which causes them so much excitement, each and every time. The resources I brought over with me have been very gratefully received, especially Blu Tac which is kept in a locked cupboard! I’ve learned a lot, my Spanish has improved and once I’m back at work later this week it’s hard to imagine that I’ll no longer have to step over sealions and marine iguanas.

After a month away, I feel I am ready to get back to my job at Hotel La Tour and have a top ten of things I will NEVER take for granted again. These include my hairdryer, jacket potatoes, Ribena and a reliable internet connection.

The four-year-olds I’ve been teaching graduate this week before breaking up for their summer break which lasts until April. They’ll be presented with certificates and have been practising walking in a straight line to collect these during the ceremony, sitting down without falling over and not drifting off into a daydream in front of an audience of proud parents.

I’m proud to have been part of all this – I hope I have been able to teach them some useful things. They’ve certainly taught me a lot.



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