En route to the Pacific for an alternative Christmas

Hotel La Tour sales manager Karen Ward’s turning down turkey and tinsel this Christmas to spend a month as a volunteer teacher in the Galapagos Islands.

Here’s here first blog post as she sets off on her adventure:

Started early today! Up at 2am for the first leg of my journey to the Galapagos Islands where I will spend Christmas as a volunteer teacher. So it’s along the icy countryside roads of Warwickshire  and I have to keep reminding myself I will soon be basking in humidity and fending off mosquitoes.

My bag weighed in at a nice 13kg which is lighter than any suitcase I have ever taken on a
two-week holiday so I’m quite proud of that – especially as half the contents are
actually toys for the children I’m going to meet rather than my usual holiday attire of bikinis and shorts!

I’m in the departure lounge at Amsterdam at the moment, having been through all their snazzy security scanning booths. I’m feeling quite calm and relaxed about the trip, I thought by now I would be nervous, but I’m not, I’m genuinely quite excited but relaxed. I found out a bit more about who I’m going to be living with whilst I’m in the Pacific. I will be staying in the home of a lady called Auriella, who has two children who have left home. I will get to meet her daughter though as she is visiting from Brazil while I’m out here.On Tuesday I will be touring the equator – apparently you can balance an egg on the equator line and it will stand upright. I will let you know if it’s true!

Toys for the kids

Lots of toys: not much room for bikinis

Galapagos Islands here I come

Farewell chilly Birmingham

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