Congratulations Claire: Employee of the Month

Claire Smythe

Yippee: Claire Smythe has plenty to smile about – she’s our employee of the month. She worked tirelessly during one of the busiest weeks in The Auden Rooms since the opening of Hotel La Tour Birmingham. Her nomination reads like a great awards citation: she never shies away from working late, won’t leave until all the guests are happy and the admin ends are tied up, a true team player, pillar of the sales team….


And Sales Manager Karen Ward added: “Claire is an absolute dream to work with – from getting her foot stuck in a bin on the way to the printer to donning her superwoman cloak and leaping to the rescue of an event organiser who had forgotten something essential, there’s always something to smile about when she’s on duty!”

Claire lives and breathes conferences and meetings, a real expert and is great at anticipating guests needs, understanding their objectives and getting involved in the purpose of their event – no mean feat considering she looks after an average of 10 – 12 events each week.

She’s the first person an event organiser will see in the morning as they set up for their event in The Auden Rooms, and often the last person they see when their day ends, she is passionate about people…and Christmas. Even now she’s counting down the days to dust off her Christmas crown and get the wand out in her role as Christmas party organiser this year.

(And her tips for organising excellent events are coming up on the blog next week).

Claire xmas (2)

Well done Claire!

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