Macaroons can make a difference

Miss Macaroon tour (2)

+ Chef Dan Pearce gives young people an insight into life in a busy professional kitchen +

We’ve been working with local social enterprise Miss Macaroon in a programme alongside Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust to reduce reoffending rates for young offenders in Birmingham.

The ‘Macaroons that Make A Difference’ programme gives offenders work experience in a professional kitchen, mentoring support from chefs and  a tour around our Aalto Restaurant, as well as personal and social development support.

The MacsMAD programme gives young offenders a second chance in life, with the opportunity to join the highly competitive catering industry. They gain confidence, work skills, experience and a passion for food and catering.

Diannah, who is 24 and has previously been on a ‘Macaroons that Make a Difference’ programme said: “This programme has given me more skills, confidence and experience. I am now more able to set goals, achieve the goals I have set, be organised and plan for the future”

Miss Macaroon is one of a new kind of business popping up around Birmingham. The company uses profits from the sale of French macaroons to help marginalised young people, combining the best parts of a charity and business to make a difference.


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