Invitation to get creative at Thinktank

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Families are Invited to ‘Come Create’ at Thinktank

Come on kids, bring your folks along to Eastside and encourage their creative side! Our science-tastic neighbours at Thinktank are encouraging you to get in touch with your inventive side in their new summer exhibition Come Create.

Open daily until September 7, it will combine some of the more extraordinary creations from Birmingham Museums’ collection, alongside fun hands-on activities for all ages. These include making a giant ball run, creating electric circuits and fun invention-themed art activities.

Visitors can see some objects from the collection, which are not often on display, including the iconic Heinkel cabin cruiser three-wheel bubble car, and Peter Sedgley’s art piece ‘Cycle’. In addition, there will be 12 visitor-activated mechanical sculptures, plus a selection of work by local students from the Birmingham Ormiston Academy.

And this half term holiday, Thinktank is giving visitors the chance to take part in a large-scale art project with local artist Sweaty Eskimo. The artist is providing an outline drawing inspired by Come Create and the themes of patterns, circuits and mechanisms found in Thinktank. Visitors will be asked to colour in the work over the week (26 – 29 May), and the finished piece will be revealed Friday May 30. The artwork will then be on display until the end of the exhibition in September.

  • Thinktank isn’t the only place in Birmingham for visitors to see creativity in action. Over at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, ‘Marvellous Machines’ is open daily until September 21. Visitors can step inside the world of machines and drawings by creator and inventor Rowland Emett, perhaps best known for his contraptions featured in the film ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’.

For further information, visit Thinktank or BMAG

Thinktank is open daily 10.00am – 5pm.


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