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Birmingham’s Shock & Gore horror and fantasy festival claws it ways back out of the grave this summer, returning with another terrifyingly entertaining line-up that includes sneak previews, premieres, live scores, Q&As, short films and another epic all-nighter.

Taking place between Friday July 19th and Thursday July 25th, the 2013 edition is the third incarnation of Shock & Gore and its biggest yet, located at four Birmingham venues including The Electric Cinema, and includes such demented delights as…

The UK premiere of twisted horror Would You Rather?

A live score to Alejandro Todorowsky’s surreal 1980s slasher Sante Sangre from The Cabinet Of Living Cinema

Sneak previews of Xan Cassavetes’ Kiss Of The Damned and Don Coscarelli’s John Dies At The End

A unique screening of The Silence Of The Lambs, preceded by a menu inspired by the palate of Dr Hannibal Lecter 

A trio of double bills celebrating the work of Sam Raimi, Joe Dante and Ray Harryhausen

Festival programmer David Baldwin explains: “It’s our third year, and it’s definitely our largest and most exciting line-up so far. Shock & Gore is really growing into something special, and we’re quite confident it’s the only place where you get to dine like Hannibal Lecter and drink like Vlad The Impaler.”

If the event holds a spooky fascination for you, for more information and tickets go to or check-out @ShockGore on twitter.

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