A little black dress captured in a fragrance

The signature scent of Hotel La Tour is Noir which creators The White Company describe as a sensuous blend of amber, mandarin and warming sandalwood.

We chose it as we think it’s a sophisticated and modern and we hope will make you think of the luxury of time, a special weekend away and perhaps preparing for a glamorous evening out: we like to think of it as the essence of the little black dress captured in a fragrance.

This wonderful smell uses essential oil of mandarin from hand-harvested fruit which gives the fragrance a freshness which is tempered by the amber and sandalwood.

In the evening we burn Noir candles so the fragrance embraces you as you step into the lobby. You will also find it in the indulgent bathing products in your room. Inhale and enjoy!


2 responses to "A little black dress captured in a fragrance"
  1. Lisa Halsall Says: 3 April, 2014 at 07:47

    I had the best time when I stayed at this Hotel and the smell is truly memorable-so much so that i went out and bought my own collection of candles and soaps! I gives me homely feelings when I have my candles on at night, as that’s how my stay made me feel.

  2. Sue Castle-Smith Says: 14 May, 2014 at 13:27

    So pleased to hear that Lisa, thanks for your comment. We love The White Company, it’s very tempting to just pop over and buy from them at Selfridges!

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