The one where we eat doughnuts and celebrate our second birthday

House rule #1: You should never bake your own birthday cake.

So thank you Krispy Kreme: you saved the day as Team La Tour celebrated our second birthday with an informal gathering for doughnuts and a well-earned glass of fizz.

This is what happens when Operations Director Adrian Colman runs a doughnut eating workshop:

Adrian and team

Word soon spreads to the kitchen …

Kitchen trio for web

and before you know it, Jess and Phil from the restaurant are marking the moment with a selfie.

Jess and Phil for web













Meanwhile, back of house, Head Housekeeper Sadie Sanders gathers some of her finest for a toast …
group cheers for web

… word soon gets out, everyone’s keen to join the party.

Housekeeping for web

Back in the office, reception are getting in on the act.

office for web

Thank you to everyone who sent us birthday wishes and well done to the team for keeping the show on the road during all the excitement (and for doing a great job with those doughnuts!)

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