Get ready for a roaring great show: Disney’s The Lion King

You can almost hear the roar of the jungle as Disney’s The Lion King season approaches. The touring production (I was lucky enough to see the show at The Lyceum earlier this year: it’s fab!) hits town at the end of June and will play to no-doubt packed audiences at The Hippodrome. The Lion King will prowl Birmingham for three months so, a great opportunity to see this global phenomenon in our local theatre.

Four years in the making, it’s a truly international production bringing together a cast of more than 50 actors, singers and dancers, from 17 different countries, supported by a backstage team of more than 100.

It’s the biggest musical production ever to tour the UK with:

  • 700 costumes in the show
  • 103 motors used in the show to operate lighting a move scenery
  • 27 different types of animal in the show
  • 23 articulated trucks it takes to move all the costumes and scenery
  • Cast members from 17 countries of origin including Brazil, Trinidad, Martinique, Netherlands, Cuba, Korea and Japan
  • 12 children play young Simba and young Nala
  • More than 6 days needed to move the show from one theatre to another
  • 5 different African languages heard, including Swahili and Zulu

Since its Broadway premiere in 1997, Julie Taymor’s multi-award winning production has now been seen by over 65 million people across 15 countries on 5 continents and has been translated into 6 languages. Taymor’s extraordinary vision has gone on to achieve phenomenal success on an international scale, enthralling audiences across the globe with the timeless story and universal messages of hope, community and the circle of life.

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