Top Reasons to Host a Conference

Hosting a conference is a big undertaking. It takes time and will certainly mean financial costs, but when organised well, events like this can have a huge impact on your business in both the short and long term.

There are a number of different types of conferences or events that businesses choose to put on. They can include an event for all your employees, or a gathering where like-minded people can share learning and ideas.

So what benefits do you stand to gain from hosting either type of conference?  We’ve asked our conference team to share some of their insights.

Connecting your employees

The top reason for hosting a conference for your employees is to make them feel they are a part of a team. Sharing success stories, identifying common challenges, recognising individual contributions and communicating organisation goals all serve to enhance the motivation of your employees.  This type of gathering for your staff is particularly useful if you own a business with multiple stores, branches or departments.

Building a reputation in your industry

If you hold a conference for the experts in your field, or peers relevant to your business activities, you stand to raise the profile of your business, gain the reputation of being industry leaders and connect with potential partners. Hosting a conference is a good strategy for improving the positioning of your business amongst its competitors, as well as giving you lots of opportunity for positive PR before and after the event.

Finding out about the latest developments

Having peers and experts in one place is a great way to find out about recent developments and research in your industry.  For staff conferences, you can also find out about recent challenges your employees face as well as the trends they are seeing on the ground.

Coming up with new ideas

A useful outcome of any conference is the generation of new ideas, either during the conference or as a longer term result of the event.

Forging alliances and partnerships

A conference involving peers and other related businesses can be a place where alliances are formed to tackle problems affecting the entire industry.  A change in the laws governing your industry for example, may have had a significantly adverse impact in your field.  Preparing a response or taking action alongside your peers will likely have a higher impact than you petitioning alone, and will also allow you to find out how others manage similar problems you are facing.

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