Super summer quencher: make cocktails while the sun shines

Thirst quenching summer drink

Get ready to salsa your way through summer with the Pommojito. It’s a modern twist on the classic mojito. Finished with Pommery Champagne, it’s been created as this summer’s signature cocktail at Alvar Bar, Hotel La Tour.

We’ve twisted the arm of Nick Robinson, Assistant Restaurant and Bar Manager, to divulge the recipe so you can get mixing at home.


one and a half limes, 20 fresh mint leaves, two and a half teaspoons of granulated sugar, handful of ice cubes, 65ml white rum, generous splash of fizz – our choice is Pommery Champagne – fresh mint sprig to garnish.


cut the limes into wedges and place in the bottom of a tall glass. Muddle with the mint leaves and sugar. Add the ice and pour over the white rum. Finish by topping with a generous splash of fizz. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint, sit, sip and relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.



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