Our revolving door stars once more!

So it’s autumn and the big shows are back on the box.  It’s 9pm on a Sunday: are you watching Downton with its gentle (most weeks at least) post-war narrative of life downstairs and up? Or the more lively Homeland with its complex plot, troubled characters and impending threat of terror?

Or maybe you’ve defected to BBC1 and are trying out its new cop drama By Any Means: worth a view with its sweeping city scapes which will have you guessing which is London (where the series is set) and which is Birmingham (where it was actually filmed).

You’ll forgive us for saying so but we think last week’s episode was the best yet. You may have seen our revolving glass door (which made its prime time TV debut in The Apprentice not so long ago) looking stylish as the characters made their way into our lobby which doubled as a London hotel.

If you didn’t catch it first time round (may be watching Downton or Homeland?) you can still see it on iPlayer.

Here’s a link for lunchtime:



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