Loveable Rogues gig at Hotel La Tour: inside track


Loveable Rogues were met by a cheering crowd as they arrived at Hotel La Tour Birmingham for an exclusive live gig on Saturday. They boys were blown away by the welcome, stopping to soak up the love, sign autographs, chat and have their pictures taken.

During the pre-gig press conference they chatted about their time on Britain’s Got Talent and what they thought about rival acts: Molly – “so sweet”; Aquabatique – “got along swimmingly”; and Pudsey and Ashleigh – “deserved to win”.

The band were whisked up to their suites, prompting Eddie’s humourous (we hope) tweet: “Wowwee Hotel La Tour in Birmingham! We are sleeping like Kings. Its a shame I’ve got to break the bed and throw the TV out the window…”

(I checked with the manager just in case: pleased to report the guys loved their rooms, particularly the TV in the bath but no wild rockstar damage: the perfect guests. Sonny even tweeted a series of snaps showing off his bedroom and bathroom.)

The trio relaxed at Alvar Bar for a pre-gig press conference, during which it was revealed:

  • Té’s mum bribed him with a mobile phone to stop biting his nails and sucking his thumb: aged 14!!!
  • Sonny has a hatred of wasps
  • Eddie has interesting views on daytime/nighttime underwear which we don’t want to publish here

On life since Britain’s Got Talent:

Sonny: It’s been a whirlwind, while you’re on the show you are living in a bubble, going to the same places and mixing with the same people all the time. You know the show’s big but you don’t really realise until you go out and everyone knows who you are.

Té: We very much consider ourselves to be normal guys, it’s hard to appreciate that people think we’re famous.

Eddie: It’s all about the music, the main thing is that we want to be recognised for our work and the great thing is we now have an audience.

Aalto Restaurant and Alvar Bar were packed for the evening as the band played a lively 30-minute set before chatting with the crowd.

They enjoyed dinner at Aalto’s Kitchen Table with Simon and Kate Hussey (pictured left in image below), from Halesowen, after the lucky couple won a Heart FM competition to meet and eat with the boys.

More images see Hotel La Tour on Facebook.












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