Love shopping: pop over for pop up

If you love shopping you’re going to love this!

As if there aren’t enough shops to keep you busy at the Bullring,  another 80 stores are opening at PopUp Birmingham. Yes, that’s dozens of new fashion firms which will be taking part in a pioneering initiative running from now and throughout May.

Middle East Mall is the place to head and here you will find dozens of up-and-coming independents in fashion and home-wares. The news comes as research from the Local Data Company this week revealed independents are slowly re-gaining a foothold on the high street – with 44 independent shops opening every day in 2013.

The initiative is run by PopUp Britain, part of the Association of Town & City Management (ATCM).  Its aim is to nurture future independent talent and add diversity and sustainability to the British retail landscape.

As a proudly independent business ourselves, we think that’s great news.

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