Blue sky thinking: Spring conference deals

It’s astonishing to think that an estimated 90% of human communication is through non-verbal cues such as hand gestures, facial expressions and other body language.

So when you feel like you’re a slave to email and you can’t resist checking your social media a little bit too often, how about taking some time to simply get together and talk?

You can do just that for even less this spring when you book an event at The Auden Rooms at Hotel La Tour between Monday 17 to Friday 21 February and Monday 14  and Friday 25 April.

Subject to availability, we have meeting room space for £25 per delegate or £120 24 hour delegate rate.

Your event takes place in a stylish meeting room, with access to the business lounge where unlimited drinks and snacks are available throughout the day, wifi, presentation technology, plus buffet lunch.

Our 24 hour delegate rate includes all this plus overnight stay and breakfast and dinner from our conference menu.

We have a great city centre location with on-site parking.

For more information contact Claire Smythe on 0121 718 8000 or email









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