Great images by photography student Benedict Wilkins

Photography student Benedict Wilkins has put together an impressive portfolio capturing our iconic building in Birmingham city centre.

Benedict, originally from Worcester and in his first year at Birmingham City Univeristy, is studying Media and Communications with a specialism in Photography.

He said: “I like the idea of being able to capture single moments in time, and to have the capability of portraying scenes on camera we don’t necessarily have the ability to see with our own eyes. This is what drives my creativity and fuels my ambition to capture things in a different light.”

Having moved to the city in September, he was struck by the appearance of Hotel La Tour and wanted to try and capture its scale and dominance, showing the power and authority he saw. He took an experimental approach, adding dramatics in the digital dark room and focusing on attaining a professional result with marketable appeal.

And the challenges? “The building has a lot to offer from a visual perspective therefore my original thought was it would be relatively easy to capture on camera. This turned out to mostly be true, after walking the perimeter a few times and picking up on the elements of the building I found most interesting, I had worked out what I wanted to capture in order to represent the building. I think the challenge came later in post-processing. I knew I wanted dramatic images that were bold and stood out, it was a matter of experimenting in the dark room, being brave to try wacky adjustments and push the boundary of what is acceptable as a creative yet professional set of photographic work.”

Benedict feels the resuls work well professionally and are in keeping with the style and image of our building.

You can view more of Benedict’s work on Facebook or his personal website

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