#FutureFoodies: what’s all the fuss about?

Ahmed (by ione photography)

Ahmed Ahmed of Dine Birmingham.  Photo: ione photography

What is #FutureFoodies? Wednesday 26th June 2013  |  5.30pm-8.30pm  |  Venue: Hotel La Tour, Birmingham

This new event celebrates the city’s independent food scene, and its thriving community of social media foodies. Dine Birmingham creator and editor, Ahmed Ahmed, explains the inspiration behind the event.

Explain #FutureFoodies, in a nutshell

About twenty selected food and drink producers, venues and traders, from Birmingham and the West Midlands, are bringing samples of high-quality food and drink products to the hotel. They’ll spread out their stalls and the visitors will have a chance to sip and nibble their way through the selection.Most importantly, you’ll be able to meet the people behind the products, hear about where their food comes from, and learn how it’s made.

Why does it have a # in front of it?

The # is a hashtag, a way of joining in with conversation on Twitter. This event is also about the rich online community of food bloggers and foodies that Birmingham has as well. The other organisers, the Gastro Card, Yelp and Midlands Food Bloggers, are all avid social media users, and hundreds of other local people are helping out with tips, recommendations and encouragement as we lead up to this event.

See for yourself.

What kind of food and drink can people expect to sample at the event?

We’ve got cheeses and chutneys, from delis like Lewis’s of Moseley. We’ve also got wine from BYWine, a dessert bar with matching wines from Aalto Restaurant, and whisky from The Birmingham Whisky Club. A French eatery has offered to do some special absinthe cocktails, and we even have UCB (formerly called the College of Food), and Heart of England Fine Foods coming along. The full ‘menu’ will be released very soon!

There’s a lot of hype about food and drink in Birmingham lately – why?

Even in just two years (Dine Birmingham launched in May 2011), there have been so many new openings, new developments and trends. The independent cafes, the cementing of the city’s gourmet credentials with positive press from media like The Guardian and the New York Times, and recently the street food wave that’s hit… It’s not hype. There’s really something special here.

With so much going on, how can Dine Birmingham keep up?

The fact that so many of the reviews come from different people who have eaten out and want to share their experiences helps to keep it fresh and up-to-date, I think. Followers are always great on Twitter too, helping out with their opinions, or updates about somewhere that’s closed or reopened under a new name. It’s a team effort.

What are your personal favourite venues?

I like The White Swan in Edgbaston. Also Le Truc Cafe – quirky French style and food, and Bodega, which is a classic – South American menu and drinks. And I work next to the Digbeth Dining Club, so I’m down there quite often for a bit of street food.

Find out more about #FutureFoodies, a celebration of Birmingham’s forward-thinking food scene – and register for your free ticket.



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