Standing out from a great crowd

Drum roll please …..

Presenting Trey, Renata and Sian our Employees of the Year 2013.

This triumphant trio have been singled out for their outstanding dedication to customer service, positive attitude and general niceness!

They have all worked extremely hard during the year, been leading lights in living the habits of La Tour, paying great attention to detail, and being awarded dozens of Star Cards from our guests praising their work.

Receptionist Trey O’Riordan won first prize and is now planning how to spend his £1,000 prize. Trey, who has been at La Tour since opening day in March 2012, formerly worked as cabin crew for BA and is keen on travel so may well put his prize towards a well-deserved holiday.

In second place was housekeeper Renata Szutko, followed by finance administrator Sian Evans. Renata and her colleagues on the housekeeping team are consistently singled out for praise for their high standards while Sian is known for her calm efficiency and can-do attitude.

All three were suitably modest about the sought-after awards which were presented by Hotel La Tour Operations Director Adrian Colman at a fun-fair themed party held at the hotel last month.

One response to "Standing out from a great crowd"
  1. Rachel Says: 6 March, 2014 at 17:31

    I’m so pleased that Trey won. I left an appraisal card when we stayed in the Hotel La Tour because he gave us such good service and was so friendly.

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