Eastside update: Has science ever been so much fun?

A giant-sized hamster wheel – top speed 30 rpm – and an eight metre high clanging “Terminus” are among the attractions at the new Thinktank Science Garden where visitors of all ages can get “bodies on” with science this summer.

The Science Garden is located at Millennum Point (just a short stroll from Hotel La Tour) and is the first of its type in the UK. It has a fun-filled array of exciting and inventive exhibits such as the first ever logic-defying square wheeled people wagon, a giant weighing station and a “pulley me up” exhibit.

Visitors can also try their luck with the “elasticated squirter” and crank up two fast-moving propellers for the flying exhibit. They’ve all been tried and tested by school children.

Thinktank’s Director of Learning and Operations, Janine Eason, said: “After three years in the making, we are looking forward to welcoming visitors of all ages. As a major addition to the Thinktank museum, it will present a new and exciting way of experiencing firsthand how science and engineering have shaped Birmingham and the world.”

Events and activities are planned throughout the summer, including storytelling for children, arts and crafts and big outdoor demonstrations.

It’s an exciting time for the Eastside area of the city: the Science Garden will form part of the larger City Park, the first major new city centre park in Birmingham for more than 100 years.

For more information and to book tickets to Thinktank visit www.thinktank.ac or phone 0121 202 2222. There’s a dedicated hotline for group bookings: 0121 202 2244.

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