Dear Harry: by Georgie Moseley

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+ Georgie Moseley is pictured at Alvar Bar, Hotel La Tour +

The inspirational Georgie Moseley talks to us about her much-missed son, Harry,l and his legacy.

“It’s always a hectic time of year for HelpHarryHelpOthers but, as I write this, it’s a very emotional time too as October sees the anniversary of Harry’s passing.

This year as a charity we have celebrated the first anniversary of opening our doors to the public. Since then we have created three amazing funds for families living with cancer, which were designed on how we as a family felt more needed to be done.

HELPCURE sees us fund vital brain tumour research projects as this type of cancer now kills more people aged under 40 than any other. HELPCOPE provides financial support to families facing hardship as a result of cancer. It’s for practical things that will have an on-going impact on a family so they can concentrate on what is really  important – ‘each other’. HELPCARE is where we try and get charities working together a little and we help those other amazing charities and services that specialise in supporting ‘end of life/ palliative’ care.

On top of these funds, we have been incredibly busy with our ‘thankyou’ side of the charity. Like Harry created his bracelets as a thank you as he didn’t like shaking a bucket, we say thank you by giving back to the next generation of children. We continue to inspire children through Harry’s ‘schools social enterprise’ which empowers kids to make change through the tools Harry created whilst learning the basics of business too.

We have just come to the end of our first session of Free Kids ‘Harry Inspire’ Workshops that help connect kids with their passions and give them the self-belief to realise they can make change to whatever cause is close to their heart. Harry was special but so is every child and we help them realise they can do just as good as harry with the right support and outlook. The children have done amazingly well and are really proud of their fundraising for causes close to their own hearts. I’m immensely proud we have helped them achieve and more importantly changed their outlook by taking negative situations and creating a positive.

Around anniversaries of course it is a particularly hard and emotional time of year but it’s that hurt and pain of losing Harry and the lack of support available, that gives me the vision and makes HHHO so special. It’s all about giving hope to those who still have it and filling in the missing links of support that wasn’t there for us.

People measure their success in different ways, for me after losing a child to cancer I haven’t got the desire and energy to rebuild my life or create a career. I measure my success on the people we help and children we inspire to do good.”

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