Claire’s top tips for a great event

Our current Employee of the Month, Claire Smythe, has worked in hotels since she was 18 and has loved every day since her first spell on a reception desk back in 2003.

She said: “The hotel industry is never boring, you meet so many different people on a day to day basis. The hospitality industry is about making people happy and creating a memory for each and every guest.”

Well said Claire! Here are her top tips for event organisers – so if you’re planning a corporate do anytime soon, listen up.

  • Does the date you’ve chosen suit everyone? Mondays and Fridays often have special rates for both accommodation and day delegates as these are considered to be the quieter days.
  • Timings are extremely important, is ten minutes really long enough for 100 delegates to get a coffee or is 30 minutes more realistic?
  • Choose a venue that offers unlimited refreshments, that way if you’re running behind on your agenda this makes it stress free!
  • Communicating with the delegates before, during and after the event is one of your most important tasks. It’s better to send too much information rather than too little. Ask the venue or hotel to forward you information that you can include in a delegate pack.
  • Choose a venue that has audio visual equipment built in. Staff members will be fully trained on all equipment and will be able to deal with difficulties on the day.
  • Always conduct a site visit, it’s important to see where you are sending your guests for training to make sure it’s right for you.
  • Feedback from your delegates is important so that you can improve your next conference or event. You can then see where you went wrong and what you did right!

For more information and gems of wisdom, please give Claire a call on 0121 718 8000 – she’d be delighted to help and to show you round The Auden Rooms, the dedicated events floor at Hotel La Tour Birmingham.

Read more about Claire’s achievements as Employee of the Month here

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