Cheers to St George’s

We’re mixing up a few cocktails with a patriotic flavour today as we celebrate St George’s Day. (In fact, we’ve also put England to the fore in our menus with a festival of food running from today until the weekend

So if you fancy having a mix yourself here are the ingredients you’ll need – or pop by and we’ll be glad to show you how it’s done!

The Churchill is the perfect after-dinner Champagne cocktail, featuring many of the great leader’s favourite ingredients: Grand Marnier, tawny port, fernet branca, creole bitters, brown sugar, topped up with Champagne.

We’re also enjoying the St George, an old fashioned-style drink using British Chase vodka as a base and including Chase marmalade, rhubarb liquor and bitters, orange peel and rhubarb marmalade.




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