Bedroom in a box

Our city bedroom, pictured here, is designed to bring you comfort, style and all the facilities you enjoy at home.
Operations Director Adrian Colman is putting the look together and, while it may not seem much from the outside, a slightly rusty warehouse in Leicestershire has been given a designer makeover to debut our design and style.

Adrian explained: “We have literally built two test bedrooms in a warehouse and then fitted them out as they will be when we open Birmingham.” It’s a slightly disconcerting feeling as you step from a building site over the threshold into the chic urban setting of our city bedroom or into the sumptuous surroundings of the executive bedroom (pictured below). All the fixtures and fittings detailed in these impressive CGIs are being tested to ensure Hotel La Tour guests the best possible experience when we open in February.

City Bedroom at Hotel La Tour, Birmingham

Comfy, comfy comfy

Hotel La Tour's executive bedroom

Sumptuous surroundings

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