Arrow from from Jarrow – AKA Steve Cram – predicts Olympic glory


You heard it hear first: former Olympian Steve Cram is predicting a gold medal tally of 20 for Team GB at London 2012.

Steve was speaking today at the launch of The Auden Rooms, the dedicated conference and events floor at Hotel La Tour Birmingham.

He proved a warm and engaging guest as he joined representatives of the city business community for lunch and spoke about his career as an athlete, winning silver at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, plus a host of world and commonwealth honours (oh yes and the MBE from HRH of course).

Now working as chief athletics commentator for the BBC, Steve revealed he spends around 200 nights away from home in some of the world’s best – and worst – hotels. “What I remember most are the people. When I was just 19 I was in New Zealand and lost a cross and chain which my mum had given to me. I wasn’t particularly religious but it meant a lot to me. I was training and we moved onto another hotel. I phoned but they couldn’t find it, no sign in lost property or anywhere. When I stayed there again a couple of weeks later I got talking to the girl behind the bar. Two days later she turned up and handed my cross back to me. She didn’t have to do that – it’s something I’ve never forgotten.”

Great customer service was the theme of the event with presentations from Chris Daffy, founder of the Academy of Service Excellence, and Jane Schofield, MD of Hotel La Tour on her plans to build a group of “four star hotels with a five star attitude to customer service.”

Chris Daffy, Steve Cram and Jane Schofield at the launch of The Auden Rooms, Hotel La Tour.

Steve is UK ambassador for business technology company Atos for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The company, which supplied Hotel La Tour’s self service check-in technology, is delivering technology for the games: much of which is used by Steve and other broadcasters from around the world to enhance TV commentary and coverage.

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