And now we’re one: Happy Birthday to us!

It’s a year since Hotel La Tour Birmingham opened. It’s been a busy and challenging but ultimately rewarding 12 months. To mark the occasion we gathered together as many of the team as we could for this photo – no mean feat in a busy hotel, as you can imagine.

These are the people who spend their days (and often, the nights too) creating memorable experiences for all our guests. We’re celebrating this landmark day with a quick pat on the back for all our great achievements and thanking everyone who has worked with us, including the many members of the Birmingham business community and, of course, our clients from across the city, across the West Midlands, all over the UK and further afield too.

March 26 is memorable to us as the day we welcomed our first ever guests: here are some other important things which happened on this day in history:

First extinquisher first patented (1872); famous people with their birthday on this day include Diana Ross (1944) and Leonard Nimoy (1931) while the world bid a final farewell to English composer, director, actor and great wit Noel Coward (1971). The first successful human trials of a vaccine against polio were announced (1953), and the Stock Exchange admitted women (1973) for the first time in its 200 year history. In politics 1981 saw the “Gang of Four” launch the Social Democrat party and it’s the Feast Day of St Braulio, patron saint of Aragon, Spain.

Many Happy Returns to everyone who is celebrating with us – and a special mention for Hotel La Tour telephonist Aimee Dolan whose birthday it is too.

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