Why we love to see a show!

Have you been to the theatre lately?  Is there a production you’re hoping to see soon?  Even if you are not a theatre goer at the moment, the chances are that you know someone who is! So why do we love the theatre so much?

Although it was once a leisurely pursuit reserved for those with deep pockets, going to the theatre is now an activity that can be enjoyed by all.  A report commissioned by Ticketmaster last year revealed just how much things have changed amongst theatre fans.  According to the report, ticket sales in recent years have been rising amongst younger customers.  Even more surprisingly, a higher proportion of people had been to the theatre in the previous 12 months, when compared with those who had attended music concerts and sporting events.

Going to the theatre is a great social event between friends and family, with 29 per cent of those aged between 18 and 24 citing social reasons as their reason for going.  No doubt the ability to enjoy a drink during the interval enhances this social aspect, with almost half of those surveyed confirming that they buy interval drinks. The theatre is a great way to enjoy time with loved ones.

Stars of the performances are another big draw card and accounts for 13.1 per cent of responses in the survey.  Being more culturally aware is another popular reason; lastly, a small number of those surveyed also said they attend shows because they want to work in the theatre industry.

Perhaps stage shows and musicals provide a welcome escape from the real world, or give us a glimpse of different cultures and perspectives.  Maybe many of us just want to sing along to the musicals we have grown up with, or soak up the incredible atmosphere inside a packed theatre.  Whatever the reason, the theatre scene is certainly thriving and constantly evolving to meet the changing taste of modern show audiences.  Have you seen a show recently? Why not tell us why you love the theatre?

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