We Love Brum: Making science fun at Thinktank

We’ve been out and about checking out some of the great things Birmingham has to offer for our new series of We Love Brum blogposts.

Hotel La Tour is just a short toddle from Millennium Point and Thinktank, the city’s science museum. It’s a great attraction for all ages with ten themed, hands-on galleries with lots of suprises, things that you’ll find hard to believe and some disgusting stuff too (think intestines!)

We sent our junior testing panel out (two boys of pre-school and reception age) and two girls (nine and a pre-teenage 12) and all reports were good. The boys particularly enjoyed the steam engines and the tipping water tank, a real crowd-pleaser. The girls cited the open air Science Garden as the best bit of their day.

Fresh air and fun

Fresh air AND fun

The Science Garden is full of body-sized exhibits – so larger people can have a go too! – and is full of specially-designed features for you to discover the forces of energy, mechanisation and mobilisation. Mr Smith – Year 7 science teacher – will be pleased.

Junior Jury test result: great day out, lots of space to let off energy, we learned stuff too so parents happy.

For more information go to www.thinktank.ac

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