TripAdvisor loves Birmingham!

The TripAdvisor’s list of Britons’ top 15 summer holiday destinations reveals that many of us are planning on staycations this year as opposed to journeying abroad.   Birmingham made it to the list as one of the staycation hotspots, alongside other favourites such as London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow and Liverpool.

A place for family fun

Birmingham has grown in popularity for domestic visitors because it offers plenty to do for families.  Around this time of the year, when school is over, the city takes on a fun filled atmosphere as parents and children begin to arrive from all over the country to experience an enjoyable and relaxing time away from home.

So what sort of activities can families enjoy in Birmingham?  Here is a list of some favourites:

Spotting wildlife

Kids of all ages will revel in a trip to the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park in Cannon Hill Park.  Here they will see an incredible range of animals and reptiles, including some endangered species.  Parents and their children can also take boat rides on the lake inside the park for a bit of water fun.

For youngsters who like to be more hands-on, Brueton Park in Solihull is the place to go as they can try activities like pond-dipping and den-building.

Learning about… Chocolate

Both adults and children alike will love a trip to Cadbury World, which is just a couple of miles away in Bournville.  Not only will Cadbury World provide lots of chocolates to taste, it also holds the world’s biggest Cadbury shop.  Of course, there is plenty of educational value for the young minds too as they will learn about the origins and development of Cadbury’s chocolates.

Circus anyone?

For something memorable and a little bit different, parents can take their children to RoguePlay, the local circus theatre company that offers lessons on circus skills and performance techniques.  Kids of all ages will be thrilled to make new friends while learning to do aerial moves and static trapeze.

Adrenaline lovers

Children who thrive on adrenaline based activities will have fun go-karting on the racetracks around the city centre.  For adrenalin of a different kind, the climbing centre Creation Climbing Wall offers taster sessions for kids.

TV talents

Is your child a TV talent?  Find out at the BBC public space in the Mailbox, the fashion capital of Birmingham.  Kids can learn about what goes on behind the scenes, watch live broadcasts and even have a go at presenting.

Culture, art, musicals and more

Of course, Birmingham is also famous for its many theatres, such as The Hippodrome, The Drum, the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) and the Town Hall.  These venues regularly host children’s shows, dance events, creative arts courses and free exhibitions.

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