Tourism Boost for Black Country

Over recent years the Black Country has seen a 21% increase in the number of tourists visiting the county.  Visits to tourist attractions rose by more than 840,000 with the total number reaching 25.2 million in 2012.  This astonishing growth has marked the region as a fast developing tourist destination and one for the investors to watch.

There are a number of tourist attractions in the Black Country which have encouraged visitors to the area.  Coupled with the diverse offerings, everything from museums and educational sites to sports centres, the Black Country is certainly reaping the benefits with such a great increase in the number of people visiting.

The city of Birmingham is at the centre of this region and by itself offers a great range of activities.  With its numerous shopping centres, top quality hotels along with the recently renovated Birmingham Library, if you are looking to make a day trip to the Black Country, then the city is definitely a primary contender.

Outside of the city of Birmingham, attractions such as the Dudley Zoological Gardens are keeping pace thanks to successful marketing programs encouraging people to visit the area and see all it has to offer.  The Zoological Gardens are currently undergoing a £3 million improvement programme which will see a variety of new additions such as food outlets and shops, and already the Gardens have seen a 17% rise in visitor numbers over a 6 month period this year alone.

This is an exciting time for the region, as not only will increased tourism boost the reputation of the area but it will also result in an increase in the number of jobs available as investors seek to build on the advancement already taking place.  There has already been a 15% rise in the number of job opportunities thanks to foreign investments and it seems that the region is proving very popular as a location for global companies to set up base.  Already this year ten high-profile companies have made investments in the area and there is ongoing investment being made into areas such as transport links and the redevelopment of major train networks.

Overall, it seems the Black Country is emerging as a hub of tourism in the country and now is the time for investors to sit up and take note of what is likely to be a positive change for the area amidst a generally struggling economic environment.

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