New Year’s Resolutions? 10 Ways Birmingham Can Help

Whether you have already made your New Year resolutions for 2014 or are still in the process of doing so, a visit to Birmingham can help you fulfill those resolutions.

There are a range of reasons to visit this great city and you will have an unforgettable trip if you do so, at any time of the year. We break it down here, so whether your resolution is to spend less money, or to spend more time with the family, Birmingham can help you do it all.

Culture, culture, culture

For those who have made a promise to see more culture this year, Birmingham offers a stunning palette of music, dance and art like no other city in the UK. Right from the classics performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet to the captivating musical scores provided by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, there is so much for all to experience. You could drop in at The Library of Birmingham too, which is an iconic edifice in itself, or watch a play at the Gazebo Theatre Company. There is so much on display from a cultural mélange courtesy of Hina Dancers and Ghar Sansaar, to contemporary and classical dance groups and the brilliant Aston Performing Arts Academy. Birmingham is truly a melting pot of cultures where East meets West.

Spend more time outdoors

If you want to be a little more adventurous and get outdoors, Brum has just the right environment with miles of canals that offer beautiful cycling routes, so grab a bicycle and pedal around the city to take in the scenic beauty of the place. For a boat ride, you can take a trip down one of the numerous waterways and grab a bite at any of the many restaurants that dot the route. To enjoy a laid back picnic, pick up a basket and visit one of the many gardens or parks where you will find tranquility and serenity amidst the bustling city.

Family time.

If you have made a pledge to spend more time with the family in 2014,  taking your family to Birmingham is a great idea, you will love the sheer variety that the city has to offer. From the astounding National Sea Life Centre which the kids will love, to visiting chocolate heaven itself in Cadbury World. If you are a fan of history then the millennium old Warwick Castle is just the place to explore and admire myth and legends galore.

Spend less money

Many of us would like to spend a little less money in 2014, especially after the expensive Christmas period. One of the best aspects of this city is that it caters to the budget conscious. There are so many attractions that can be visited for free or at a minimum fee that will cater to all those who have a restricted budget to stick to.  You can take a stroll from Brindleyplace along the picturesque canal waterfront to the BBC’s Public Space where you can try your skills at making it as a TV presenter. It’s open all the days of the week and admission is free. You can also visit the Town and Symphony Hall venues, where you will find events and concerts of all musical genres for free. You can visit during the International Dance festival and the Birmingham Pride – two events held in April and May which are absolutely free. Any visit to Birmingham would also be incomplete without a tour of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. From Solihull Town Centre to a nature hike through the Black Country, there are loads of free and economical options available to visitors.

Learn some history.

For those who love history, Birmingham will keep you captivated with its rich and glorious historical past. Aston Hall, with its Jacobean splendor and landscaped gardens, will transport you back to regal times. While on the subject of history, there is no better epitome of Georgian and Victorian surroundings to be found in the UK than the historic Jewellery Quarter. This is over 250 years old and houses over 400 jewellery businesses, from classic to contemporary handcrafted jewellery so you are sure to find masterpieces here. With its cathedrals, abbeys and historic buildings, the city is indeed a treasure-trove to explore.

Explore something new!

A popular new years resolution is to learn something new, or do something you wouldn’t usually. If you are one who loves to let your hair down and party, then Brum is just the hotspot for an eclectic and colourful nightlife. With a vast selection of nightclubs discotheques, live music arenas and theatre, you will never have a dull moment on your trip. If you feel life is a drag and you need to lighten up a little, then a visit to anyone of the comedy clubs in town is just what the doctor ordered. You can choose from the Glee Club or drop in to Highlight or Jongleurs – or anywhere else of your choice. You will not run short of an option, that’s for sure!

Get fit.

Many of us will be looking to get fit, or to be more active in 2014. Are you up to shedding a few pounds? If yes, then you could either choose to be an active participant or be a part of the audience at any one of the sporting arenas in the city.  Be it amateur or professional sports, track and field or golf, you have most of the major sports covered with world class events like the All England Open Championships, The Ryder Cup, Rugby championships and Athletics events to name just a few. Birmingham has justifiably been bestowed the title of National City of Sport.

Visit the theatre.

Dreamed of seeing a show but never got round to doing so? This year is the year to make it happen! Brum is a theatre lover’s delight with some of the most famous West End shows being hosted at the famed Birmingham Hippodrome, the crown jewel of the city’s cultural fiesta. Just a short distance away you have the exquisite Edwardian venue The New Alexandra Theatre, which is a favourite among touring theatre companies.

Be more social.

Guilty of being a workaholic and neglecting your social life? You might like to make a promise to be more social this 2014. If you want to have a blast with your pals then come to Birmingham. You will be stumped by the wide variety of activities on offer and you could make the most of the city’s teeming nightspots with your friends. With nightlife that matches up to the finest that Europe has on offer, you will revel in the atmosphere while soaking in the splendid sights and sounds of this unique city. Your social life will get a new impetus and you are likely to make many new mates in this tourist friendly metropolis.

Just for fun

If you haven’t thought up a new years resolution just yet, no worries! Why not treat yourself? For wine connoisseurs or those who feel like trying a cocktail or two, there are numerous pubs and bars in the city where you will be served the finest spirits on offer in Europe. The Alvar Bar at Hotel La Tour can offer you the perfect VIP experience, with our private bar area you will be sure to enjoy the VIP treatment.

We hope we have inspired you with some ways you can fulfill your new years resolutions in the wonderful city of Birmingham, or perhaps encouraged you to make a promise to yourself in 2014. There is no reason not to explore this fantastic city!

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