#MeetTheAuthor: Sandra Peachey

When: May 15 7pm – 9pm

Where: Hotel La Tour Birmingham, VIP area at Alvar Bar

Who: Coventry-based author Sandra Peachey

Why: Entrepreneur, coach and trainer Sandra shares intensely personal letters in her book Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life which takes the reader through the voyage of her past and present, the players and the ponderings of her life. She sends love letters back along the way and asks Can letters change a life? They have already changed the life of the author and
touched the hearts of the thousands of people around the world who have read her Peachey Letters Blog… Now in book form, these letters do so many things – they entertain, engage, elucidate and energise, and more than that they ultimately show us how to let go and really love life, living it to the full.

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My view: I was interested to read Peachey Letters, particularly after discovering it had been born out of a blog in which Sandra set out to write a piece a day during the “Valentine’s” month of February – hence the love theme. After a brief introduction the reader is launched into a series of love letters in which Sandra explores her relationships with, among others, her family, friends, money and with God. I have to admit to being slightly dubious when I first picked this up as it’s categorised as self-help/personal development, not an area which takes up much space on my bookshelf. Having said that, I was quickly drawn into the epistolatory style as I found I could flick to and fro, choosing the chapter which most appealed at any given time. Sandra’s letter to her late father is undoubtedly moving and I felt there was a real sense of the author, who also lost her mother during the writing of her blog, is struggling with bereavement and, in so doing, making decisions which will have a fundamental affect on her life. I finished the book with a feeling that Sandra’s blog project had helped her to find a new focus in her life  – not always “peachey” – to value love and friendship and to have the confidence to make profound changes. Peachey Letters also serves as a reminder that sometimes it really is a good idea to simply write things down.

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