By Any Means…

 Are you even a cop? It’s a grey area…

Birmingham is ready to star yet again – this time as the backdrop for BBC One’s new Sunday prime time drama By Any Means.

The beeb is rolling out the big guns as it puts the gritty new cop show in a head-to-head slot with the ever popular Downton Abbey which returns to ITV1 this Sunday.

Birmingham’s own David Harewood is among a number of star guest stars who join the By Any Means cast which includes Warren Brown (Luther), Shelly Conn (Mistresses), Andrew-Lee Potts (Primeval), and Gina McKee (The Borgias).

The series follows a clandestine unit living on the edge and playing the criminal elite at their own game and was mostly filmed in Birmingham – watch carefully and you’ll see Hotel La Tour star as a chic London hotel and as a restaurant location.

We won’t give away too many details as we don’t want to spoil your viewing pleasure as they say, but we’ll all be glued to the series this autumn.

By Any Means is made by city-based Red Planet Pictures, which also made Death in Paradise and Hustle, and other city locations including Colmore Row, New Street, and the Mailbox. Cannon Hill and Sutton Parks also feature.

Producer Tim Key said: “London is increasingly hard to shoot in so we felt we’d get much more for our money elsewhere. I’ve shot in Liverpool and Manchester but, as I’m from Bewdley, I thought of Birmingham. The company had a good experience filming Hustle here.”

Hotel La Tour’s “guest” role was filmed over one extended day in May when the cast and crew were accommodated during filming of the exterior and lobby, at Aalto Restaurant and in one of our luxury suites.

So, with this hotly anticipated new show making its debut this Sunday at 9pm right up against the new season of Downton, which are you going for?




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