Birmingham: the city to be in 2014!

For all those tourists who plan a trip to the UK or even domestic travellers, considering Birmingham in your plans is a must. Did you know that Birmingham was declared the hottest Christmas and New Year Eve’s destination in the UK for 2013-2014?

It has turned quite a few heads in the travel industry, but then Birmingham is well deserving of its new found status at the top. This has been revealed by none other than the travel pundits, who have claimed bookings to the city were up 118% for the period.

It actually comes as no surprise, as Birmingham has grown out of the shadow of its more famous cousin city London considerably over the past few years. The statistics from also show a rise of 24% in hotel bookings in the city over the last four months of 2012. To add to Birmingham’s stature as a tourist destination, the New York Magazine as well as the China Daily (two very reputed and influential publications) have encouraged their readers to make Birmingham their first choice of destination over perhaps the more expensive option of London.

So, what does this promise for the city? We expect an unparalleled level of growth in tourism all throughout the year, which will help to boost the local economy tremendously. And what makes the city such a hit with visitors? Well the answer is simple: variety!

For example, the city can lay claim to the biggest and most authentic German Christmas market throughout the UK. When it comes to genuine bratwurst, sauerbraten, gluhwein, schnitzel or even the finest lagers, everything is available right in Birmingham and no longer do Brits have to travel to the continent.

Added attractions for retail shoppers are available in the form of Selfridges and the infamous Bullring that have increased in popularity over the years. The city offers a fantastic choice of cultural sites and the best in terms of restaurants and hotels, which are affordable to all including budget travelers.

Birmingham has loads to offer to visitors and tourist alike from cultural, artistic to athletic events in the coming year. This means that everyone that visits the city has plenty on offer to visit and see. Along with that there is the added plus point of having hotels that cater to people of all budgets from the super-rich to the budget traveler.

With a plethora of sites and locations to travel to and some of the finest shopping centre’s in Europe to visit, Birmingham is the place to be in 2014!

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