Birmingham Recently Named Conferencing Capital

Big news has just come out for Birmingham – it was officially named the conferencing capital and the place to go when you want to do business.

The city’s official business tourism program has just brought out new marketing campaigns that were designed to help bring more people to the city to see all that it has to offer and what better to do this than making it the conference capital?

Cogent Elliot, which is the marketing communications agency, is setting out on a plan that will encourage more event organizers and planners to consider Birmingham for hosting their conferences and exhibitions.

There are four main figures that have played a contributing role in the city’s business tourism sector and have been used throughout the advertising and marketing campaigns to help strike a more professional image for the ads.

Some of the key messages behind the ads created to go with this campaign include:

  • Where the future begins
  • Where visions are shared

Both of which represent with clear certainty that this city is ready to host the biggest of business conferences being held.

Birmingham has strong credentials for business tourism due to the fact that it has 36,000 bed spaces available for the visitors who attend the conferences and Birmingham also has more than 90% of the UK market within four hours of travel time.

This makes it a quickly accessible city to host events for almost everyone and proves to be a good common place for meeting.

As stated by Ian Taylor, the Commercial Director at Marketing Birmingham, ‘Significant investment into Birmingham’s infrastructure, connectivity, and civic development promises to change the face of the city forever.”

He feels that they are home to some of the top individuals from the city’s business tourism sector that will remind and inspire event organizers to discover all that the city has to offer.

For us at Hotel La Tour especially, this all couldn’t be bigger news for our conferencing rooms & facilities, The Auden Rooms.


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