Birmingham Popular With Overseas Visitors

In a recent survey just completed, Birmingham came in the fourth spot as the most popular city in the UK for tourists from overseas to visit.  And this hardly comes as a surprise when you look into all that this city has to offer.

The study by VisitBritain showed that 713,000 visitors came to Birmingham in 2012.

So what makes Birmingham so attractive?

Let’s take a closer peak.


As far as entertainment goes, you simply can’t go wrong with this city.  Start off at the National Sea Life Center, which is home of a spectacular undersea voyage that will take you through a glass tunnel that’s surrounded by a one million-litre ocean tank where giant sea turtles are found.

Then there is Cadbury world, which over half a million chocoholics visit each and every year.  They can learn how the stuff is made and see the history behind the well-known chocolate brand.

For the adventurers there is the National Paintballing Fields which is an Adventure Park that is well-known for its impressive scenarios, Hollywood scenery, and battle-ready dress code.

If you want action, it’s the place to go.

Don’t forget to check out the Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, which has ten themed galleries that are both inspiring and interactive at the same time.

If you’re hungry, you can stop in at a wide variety of different restaurants including the Food Market, where you can have your choice of a number of items or the Balti restaurant, which offers Asian inspired meals.

There are also plenty of different food markets available, where you can pick and choose which items you want to eat, getting more than enough variety to satisfy any taste preference.

Finally, depending on the particular time of year you are going, there are a number of different events that you can take in including Entente Floral Europe, which is a floral presentation of the finest flowers and greenery around or the Art in the Heart exhibit, which shows off a number of artistic creations by the city’s finest.

If you’re visiting during June to August, you can also check out the Espirito Brum music festival for some cultural music to make your trip that much more enjoyable.

So why not stay in Birmingham? . It is one of the most enjoyable places to travel to with so much to see that you will never find yourself getting bored or running out of ideas.

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