Birmingham Named Top For Business Growth

According to the latest news, Birmingham has recently been named top location for business growth. This comes after a study from the National Business Service looked at 3,000 businesses and found that Birmingham was at the head of business growth outside of London. Other areas they looked at within the UK included Brighton and Bristol.

One of the reasons why Birmingham is top of the list is that the software sector in this region is particularly successful. There are many flourishing companies in this market sector based in the Birmingham region. However, London has similar success within the media industry and similarly, Sheffield has success within their manufacturing industry.

The research shows that the top 5 locations for business growth are:

1 – Birmingham

2 – London Borough of Westminster

3 – Leeds

4 – Manchester

5 – Sheffield

This highlights the exciting up-and-coming nature of Birmingham as a business hot spot.

It also means that Birmingham would be a great region to sell to clients, host meetings or set up a conference. Businesses from anywhere in the UK may want to choose Birmingham as a prime location for selling and development, a place that may prove more cost effective than inner city London, for example.

Conferences or meetings that you may choose to host in this area may be widely attended as Birmingham is also heavily connected to all other parts of the UK, via rail, air or road, and this means that it is very central to various UK markets and a savvy place to base or operate a business from.

In light of this recent news, why not consider hosting your upcoming business conference at The Auden Rooms at Hotel La Tour, Birmingham?

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