Birmingham Loves: Sports – Top Sporting Activities to Do In Birmingham

As the UK continues to ride on the coat tails of the London 2012 Olympics, the world of sport and athletics is more popular than ever. Millions of people up and down the country have been inspired to get back into their favourite sports that they enjoyed at school, try their hand at a brand new activity to keep fit and active or simply made an effort to see more live sports. Birmingham is fortunate to have a wealth of sport and activity centres right here on its doorstep.

England is renowned for its skilled cricketers and the historic game of cricket has been enjoyed by Brits for centuries. Birmingham is home to the second largest cricket ground in the country, Edgbaston cricket ground. This impressive venue can seat 25,000 cricket fans and unsurprisingly has played host to the iconic Ashes on numerous occasions. Long term cricket enthusiasts wanting to see the classic game played live at a world class level will not be disappointed during a trip to Edgbaston, so visit this year for a cricket experience you will never forget.

If you are an avid rugby supporter then look no further than Moseley Rugby Club in Billesley Common to get your contact sport fix. Founded in 1873, this popular club is not just the home of all things Rugby in Birmingham, but is regarded as a valuable part of the community thanks to its relentless work coaching 10,000 youngsters in the game to help regenerate and revitalise inner city areas. A visit to one of the fast paced adrenaline filled fixtures is a must for any rugby fans across Birmingham.

Golf has increased in popularity in recent years, as young, gifted golfers have come to the forefront and brought the game back to its best. If you have always wanted to unleash your inner Tiger Woods on a world class golf course then look no further than The Belfry Golf Course.  Not only will you be able to check your handicap on the course but when the day is done you can indulge yourself in a sumptuous spa treatment or a decadent dinner.

Last but not least, we must mention the beautiful game itself, football, and where better to experience the atmosphere of a premier league football club than Birmingham City? The camaraderie of the blue nose fans is quite breath-taking, so why not make the most of some father son bonding time during a visit to a football fixture at St Andrews. Aston Villa fans can take a trip to Villa Park, the home of Aston Villa since 1897. This football stadium can host almost 43,000 fans and has been rated 5 stars by UEFA.

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