Birmingham Instead Of London?

According to latest statistics from, bookings in Birmingham hotels have risen by 24% in recent months.  This supports a magazine article which was featured in New York magazine, advising tourists to travel to Birmingham instead of London.

The article comes after The New York Times declared Birmingham as “big-shouldered, friendly and fun” and a place that readers should definitely visit.

Rightly so too, as Birmingham has a variety of attractions to suit every kind of tourist.  If good eating is what you like, then Birmingham can claim to have the most Michelin starred restaurants outside of London, not to mention it is the home of the curry so you can be sure of a tasty treat if you choose to visit the ‘Balti Triangle’.  It doesn’t let itself down when it comes to culture either, playing host to a large number of art galleries and museums and, most notably, the newly opened Birmingham Library, now the biggest public library in the whole of Europe and features an array of Shakespeare’s works to name just one element of its impressive collections.  It can also boast of the world renowned Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

Whilst it has seen a huge increase in the number of visitors, it is also a quieter place to visit than London and easy to navigate too with most attractions easily reached on foot.  For example, it’s large number of stores (around 1,000) are all within a 20 minute walk of one another and it simply doesn’t have the number of people that London does, meaning it won’t feel overcrowded.

There are a number of tourist attractions for families too within the city centre itself such as the National Sea Life Centre but there are also a good number just outside which are worth travelling to such as Dudley Zoo and Cadbury World.

There is something for everyone when it comes to visiting Birmingham.  There are luxury hotels for the romantic city break, plenty of activities to keep children occupied, and shops to be found at every street corner for those looking for an excuse to indulge.  It’s no wonder that it is fast becoming the location of choice for tourists and with the city’s 20 year ‘Big redevelopment plan’ that will most likely continue for some time.

Full article by New York Magazine

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