Birmingham : Good For Businesses

A recent survey revealed that Birmingham is the second most popular choice for hosting events, conferences and meetings outside of London.  This puts it ahead of other large cities such as Manchester and Glasgow.  So what makes Birmingham such a popular choice amongst businesses?

Firstly is the location.  Birmingham is the ideal meeting point if you have colleagues travelling from both the north and south of the UK; not only it is centrally located but it also offers ease of access with many of the main train companies running services through Birmingham New Street station.  Additionally, Birmingham airport has links with over 100 destinations and is located just six miles outside of the city with a regular train service bringing travellers into the centre, meaning it is also a good choice for international visitors.  However people are travelling, whether by road, rail or car, they will find Birmingham an easy city to reach.  New Street Station and Birmingham airport will continue to play a key part in business tourism with both undergoing some redevelopment in the near future.

Secondly, Birmingham offers a vast choice of city centre venues which are ideal for hosting an event or business meeting.  It is estimated there are around 27,000 hotel beds available, which should give you some idea of the number of hotel venues it plays home to and whilst the city itself is large, many of the main meeting venues can be easily located and are within walking distance of the train station meaning your attendees are unlikely to get lost or need to know how to traverse a complex tube system in order to reach the venue successfully.

Birmingham is a hub for businesses, playing host to over 30,000 companies and last year, of the 33 million visitors to the city, a good percentage of those were business travellers.  It’s easy to see why once you have visited; whether for work or pleasure, the city has a lot to offer its visitors from the huge number of hotels, the 200+ restaurants or the thousands of shops within walking distance of each other, you can be sure that if you choose to hold your business meeting in Birmingham, those attending will not fail to be impressed.

With many state of the art redevelopments being made to venues within the city centre, it is probably fair to assume that Birmingham will hold on to its title for some time to come.

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