We’re trading up

Great Trade UpAnyone want to buy a balloon?

Hotel La Tour’s Nigel Masters and Jane Riley have accepted the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Great Trade Up challenge.

They’ve got just 25 days left to trade a red balloon for as high a value item as they can manage then sell it and donate the cash to this great cause.

It’s a great opportunity to use our highly accomplished negotiation and sales skills – well, we’ll do our best! – to raise as much as we can to refurbish the hospital’s out-dated and poorly-designed Emergency Department. For some of the region’s most dangerously ill or seriously injured youngsters, this department is their only chance of survival.

It’s a great cause so can you help? All offers considered and please follow us on Twitter @Hotel_LaTour and help us spread the word. Please hashtag #greattradeup and #hotellatour


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