Top Tips for Organising a Business Conference

Planning a business conference can seem stressful and time consuming, but following these easy tips should make the whole process go smoothly:

  1. Planning ahead. This is an easy one, but many people leave planning a conference to the last minute. In order to avoid stress, last minute hiccups and lack of attendance, plan the conference a few months in advance – some businesses plan their widely attended conferences over a year in advance. You must remember that there is a lot to do, from including issuing tickets and booking in speakers – don’t leave it too late.
  2. Decide on a theme or objective. Having a central theme to your conference can help guests to understand the conference better. For example, “Technology in 2013 – how it can help you business,” or “Digital Marketing for your small business ” – whatever your central idea, keep it constant and running through all of the speakers and any handouts you give out.
  3. Keep it interesting. Media helps. Try not to talk at people too much; instead opt for a visual presentation or even props to keep visitors interested.
  4. Get the audience involved. Remember to ask your guests if they have any questions; you might want to host a quiz, test, or a discussion.
  5. Microphones. Of course, people need to hear you and your speakers. Make sure you are comfortable with the audio equipment.
  6. Remind people. Before the conference, remind your guests of their agreed attendance and send them directions, etc. Having a fully packed conference room helps with the success of the day.
  7. Give them a break. Remember to hold regular breaks and make use of tea, coffee and lunch facilities.
  8. Get a good venue. Choosing the right venue is also a must and should be the top of your priorities. Choose a venue that is central to a city or business area, make sure it is accessible, and ensure the room is large enough to fit everybody. The Auden Rooms at Hotel La Tour offer all you could possibly need to ensure your conference is a roaring success, from a great city centre location.
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