Priding ourselves on giving you a great night’s sleep ….


Whatever your reason for coming to Birmingham, we pride ourselves on doing our utmost to ensure you get a great night’s sleep.

Meticulous attention to detail in the planning, design and furnishings of all our bedrooms and suites is geared round allowing you plenty of shut-eye to wake up relaxed and refreshed for whatever the day has in store.

Exactly how much sleep we should get is a matter of debate and most of us would probably say we’d like more – and it’s good to know you’re going to be cosy and cosseted when you’re away from home.

Sleep experts (and there’s probably a fancy name for that) agree the basic rules on getting a good night’s sleep are: go to bed and rise at roughly the same time, all the time; create a restful sleeping environment which is neither too hot nor cold and is as quiet and dark as possible; take more exercise; cut down on late-night stimulants such as caffeine; watch your alcohol intake and what you eat before bed; deal with worries or a heavy workload by making a list before bed and, finally, if you can’t sleep, don’t like there worrying about it: get up and do something relaxing until you feel sleepy again.

We’ve tried to address in our bedrooms at Hotel La Tour where you’ll find easy-to-use controls to create your perfect room temperature, high spec acoustic glass and building materials to minimise intrusive noise and full-length drapes with special linings to keep the light out. We can help you with the exercise part too as we have a gym or can suggest walking/running routes from the hotel door.

Having a comfy bed is also key to a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep, making for a positive, energetic start to the day. Beds throughout Hotel La Tour’s 174 bedrooms and suites are by Hypnos – they’ve been manufacturing beds for more than 100 years and, as the only active bed makers to the Royal Family, are the proud holders of a Royal Seal of Approval. Each Hypnos bed is a bespoke creation, handcrafted to perfection, using natural and sustainable materials of the finest quality. Hypnos is rightly proud of its Royal connections – their beds certainly are fit for a Queen, but you don’t need to be one to stay at Hotel La Tour!

And this might be a good time to remind you Birmingham Pride takes place on the Spring Bank Holiday weekend – more details click here: Birmingham Pride

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