Our little project in Project magazine

Project Manager Craig Benham

Project, the magazine of the Association of Project Managers, no less, features a great interview with Craig Benham who is project managing our build for Galliford Try.

Craig talks about the challenges of delivering our landmark building in an ambitious timeframe on a small city centre site with the eyes of the city on you. Our location gives us enviable access to the road and rail network (right next door to Moor Street Station and with the terminal for the proposed HS2 rail link on our doorstep) but is making for interesting times in terms of the build.

Space is very tight: there is little or no storage on site so all materials must be delivered according to a precise schedule. Two tower cranes afford a great view of our progress and of our neighbours, including the city’s iconic Bullring.

Craig and his team – including a full time logistics manager – have developed an online booking system to ensure a seamless flow of work. Particularly important when our nine different types of fully-fitted bathroom pods start to arrive shortly from Italy. Other significant items that will provide challenges for the lift team include our high-strength concrete spiral staircase arriving from Holland and acoustic partitions from Canada.

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