Making Service a Worthwhile Difference

Getting service right: Chris Daffy

Here’s what Chris Daffy, of The Academy of Service Excellence, has to say about Hotel La Tour’s take on great customer service:

Hotel La Tour has given itself the challenge of making its particular level and style of service make a worthwhile difference; a difference that will make it friendlier, more welcoming and more helpful than any competitor.

That’s a great goal to set, but a hard one to achieve. I know because I’ve spent the last 15 years working with organisations with similar goals and I know how difficult those that succeeded found it.

My experience suggests the only way this works is when service to colleagues and customers becomes part of the core DNA of any organisation. Otherwise it may happen at odd times, with occasional flashes of inspiration, but it will not be different or consistent enough to have a worthwhile lasting and beneficial effect on the organisation and its customers.

It all starts with the recruitment of the right people. All (or at least the vast majority) of people need to be hired because they have a ‘natural’ service personality. Not the trite ‘have a nice day’ style that is learned on a training course, but the natural and genuine ‘I want to help others and get a kick out of doing it’ style that was learned from parents.

Then these people need to be in an environment that values, encourages, recognises and rewards great service, to both colleagues and customers. This means putting service to others at the top of everyone’s agenda.

Finally there need to be routines in place to enable people to regularly talk about service with colleagues and to make heroes of the people and teams that set the best examples.

As I indicated at the beginning, this is easy to understand, but hard to implement. But the management of Hotel La Tour has done it before in previous businesses and have a track record of success so, if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on them succeeding. I can’t wait to be a guest of this new hotel and look forward to sampling the exceptional service that I’m sure will become a key element of its success.

The Academy of Service Excellence

01663 766300

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