Making a visible difference

Jane Schofield

Jane sets sights on success

The visible difference at Hotel La Tour will be the way we look after our guests … easy for me to say but how do the best of the best at customer care really make that true and, more importantly to me, sustainable? I have worked in a few companies where we have had customer care campaigns which, looking back, seem just like a fad diet to me and, believe me, I know all about fad diets – they just don’t work! As anyone will tell you, it’s changing your habits for life that makes the difference. I think this has to be the same when your real goal is achieving a loyal fan base for your business.

Many companies talk about customer care but should it not be people care? As an employee, I am not going to give as much to a job that I don’t enjoy as a job that I do, so why don’t employers invest as much time in ensuring I am enjoying my job as they do in looking at the bottom line and seeing how much they can cut costs which just make my job impossible?

I read recently that, as a mother, the best thing you can do for your children is to concentrate on having a good relationship with their dad and this is very much the same for customers: the best thing a company can do for them is to ensure that the relationship they have with their employees is as good as it can be.

I think many of the poor relationships are due to a lack of trust so that has got to be Hotel La Tour’s number one habit – we will trust each other. What should our other habits be to ensure people want to be with us at Hotel La Tour? We are on a whole new episode for our business now and we will be building our habits for life over the next few months. What an exciting opportunity we have.

So, what has disappointed me this week? The broadband engineer. The sales person who called me to switch my broadband service to them was great, only to be let down by the rude, unhelpful engineer who came to my home. Dear Telephone Company, it has to be the whole package, not just the sales person. Please look after and train everyone the same.

What has impressed me this week? A fitter for my new floor who came to measure up and got my two- and four-year-old boys to help. They are now asking when Scott is coming back because they can’t wait to help him lay the floor. No matter how much his quote comes in at, there’s a job that I can’t really let go elsewhere!

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