Lord of the dance brings gothic romance to Birmingham

What a treat: this week we headed off to the opening night of Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty at Birmingham Hippodrome.

Billed as “A gothic romance”, Bourne and his talented New Adventures team have breathed new life into this most classic of ballets, bringing it bang up to date for the new millennium.

SB-ED-88 (1815x2500) (2)

Described by one critic as “Downton Abbey meets Twilight” it surely has something for all. Grace, beauty, drama, dazzling sets and costumes, plus a touch of whimsy just the right side of sentimental which may just have all but the most hard-nosed of theatre-goers sniffling just a tiny bit.

Thanks to Leading Ladies, the Hippodrome’s great network for professional women in the city, we had the chance to speak to Matthew prior to the performance – he also generously gave his time to talk to the audience after the show.

This new piece completes New Adventures’ remaking of Tchaikovsky’s trilogy – their Nutracker! and Swan Lake were equally applauded.

Jane Sue  MB (2)Leading Ladies Group (2)

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