Living La Tour: Drivers and Talents

Our Journey:

Building a profitable group of unique hotels where hospitable people create fabulous memories in stylish places

Helpful People

Lovely Places

Tremendous Service

From the Managing Director down, we are all working as one team, and our journey is what will help us arrive at our Destination.

Our Destination:

Hotel La Tour inspires and invests in our employees, who create the best possible places for guests to work, stay and play.

Our hospitable and friendly people create great experiences in stylish and comfortable surroundings.

A genuine desire to help others means our guests return again and again and have no hesitation in recommending us to others. Attention to detail in all that we do – from the food and drink we serve, the business environment we provide and the high standard of our guest accommodation – helps us to achieve sustainable business growth.

There are three key drivers which will help us ensure we reach our destination, these are:

Our Drivers:

Being Sociable

Positive Attitude


It’s helpful to think of these Drivers as talents – they are the talents you possess and which will be developed during your career with Hotel La Tour – to ensure we enjoy the journey and reach our destination.

We’ll be putting the drivers into practice every day by breaking them down into 22 habits.

Being Sociable

Hospitable and helpful: We are hospitable and helpful and go out of our way to help others

Cheerful: We are cheerful and understand how our behaviour affects our work and those around us

Empathetic: We empathise with others and see things from the viewpoint of others

Engaging: We are engaging people and are engaged with our work, our colleagues and customers

Loyal: We are loyal to Hotel La Tour, our colleagues and our customers

Honest: We value honesty and always strive to conduct ourselves and our business in an honest and ethical manner

Caring: We care about ourselves, others, the company and its assets

Generous: We are generous with our time in order to help others, and in giving feedback

Positive Attitude

Detail: We have great attention to detail and pride in all we do

Teamwork: We are proud to be part of a successful team and are full-time ambassadors of the company

Flexible: We are flexible in order to work at our best and can adapt to change

Smart: We look smart, think smart and act smart

Work ethic: We are here to do a great job – and have fun – in an environment which is safe and secure

Respectful: We treat everyone as individuals and with equal respect

Positive: We are always professional and have a naturally positive outlook

Creative: We embrace innovation, love to come up with ideas and are keen to try new things out


Focused: We are here to help achieve company objectives: it is our main focus

Results orientated: We are motivated by exceeding targets and ensuring our colleagues and guests are happy

Committed: We love our work and are here to get on with it

Problem solving: We embrace problems and find a way round them

Accountability: With the support of our managers and working as part of a team, we are accountable for all we do

Take ownership: We take ownership of our work, our performance and self-development

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