Fee fi fo fum, we’ve gone live with customer reviews!

This week saw an important milestone as we launched live guest reviews on our website. It’s a big deal for us as it means anyone who comes to the hotel can upload their opinion exposing the good and, heaven forbid, the bad and the ugly too.

We believe that the only way to build a profitable and sustainable business is to make sure you employ the very best people, care for them well and in turn they will care about each and every customer.  It is hugely important that we listen to our employees and also encourage as much feedback as possible so we can understand what our customers think makes the best venue for staying, eating and working.

As a business we had already embraced this through Tripadvisor and when we developed our new website we wanted to incorporate a guest book so that customers could post their thoughts and memories and prospective guests searching for a venue or restaurant could read these and make an informed decision on whether we were the right choice for them to spend their hard-earned money with.

We came across Feefo, an independent survey company and decided the best way forward was to be bold and let them gather feedback from our customers and post the reviews directly onto our site.

I completely understand that not everyone is always going to give us the 100% shining review that we would like but what a fantastic tool it is for us to be able to hear exactly how we can make our business stronger and to engage more with our customers.

Everyday we discuss this feedback and mostly it is a way of our motivating ourselves to go forward when we read guests like what we do.  When things haven’t gone so well, the disappointment of the teams is awful. I have never worked with a team of people who genuinely care so much that every guest has a good experience and it really hurts them when they know they could have performed better.  This information is then used for training and to make sure that everyone has the tools and the confidence to carry out their jobs fully.

We have also developed our product through feedback. For example, we made our showers more powerful, improved our executive rooms and made changes to our menu.

Now we want to encourage more feedback as if a guest likes what we do, we want to share that. If they’re unhappy, we want to know and fix things.  If we have got it wrong we will do anything to regain that guest’s trust. If people have been kind enough to return their views we will always thank them and let them know how we have used their feedback.

We want to pass our thanks to Trip Advisor, Feefo and all our guests who have given their feedback.  Through you we are able to build a stronger and better business for our employees, our suppliers and our guests.

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