Celebrating World Happy Day

We want everyone who comes into contact with Hotel La Tour to be happy.

It goes without saying that we want our guests to be happy: we want them to have a great experience every time they stay with us. Of course, it’s important for the sustainability of our business that they want to come back and will recommend us to others.

More than this, we want our employees to be happy too. We’re going to great lengths to change the perception of careers in the hospitality industry – to help people to realise that working in this sector is a thing to be proud of. Whether you’re a kitchen hand, room attendant, or a director, we’ve all got a significant role to play in building a bright future for our new company.

How are we doing this? Through our company culture which we call Living La Tour. This is the way in which we conduct ourselves in business and it provides continual guidance on how we look after our customers and, crucially, how our employees look after one another.

For employees, it starts when people first inquire about a job. We have a rigorous employment process which looks for attitude over skill. No matter what it says on your CV, sorry: we only have room on the team for people with the right attitude.

These key attributes are called our “Talents” and they fall within three key areas: Being Sociable, having a Positive Attitude and Drive. To have a successful career with Hotel La Tour, we need people who are hospitable and helpful, who are genuinely cheerful, loyal, honest and caring. We also recognise the value of having great attention to detail, being able to work in a team, flexibility, looking smart, thinking smart and acting smart. And we need people whose drive will contribute to the success of our business and who are focused, orientated by results, can take ownership and resolve problems.

We’re setting out to ensure we look after our employees as well as we do our guests. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean a lot: if you work for us it’s a given that your boss will never forget your birthday. There are other benefits too – unlike other hotel companies, all our employees are welcome to use our facilities when they’re off-duty. (We don’t understand the upstairs downstairs attitude of others who don’t allow staff to come into their buildings as customers.)

Employee engagement is important to us of course and we know that the better engaged our people are, the better job they will do. And in turn, the more engaged they are with our customers the better they will be able to deliver the wows when it comes to great customer service.

It’s also important to us that our employees feel a sense of meaning and purpose, that they are part of a team working towards one goal. Of course, as a company it’s important that we make profit – this will help us build a sustainable future and continue to offer great career opportunities for our people. It will also help us to build ongoing partnerships in the communities we operate and with nominated charities.

As well as creating a great atmosphere and sense of community where people can work alongside like-minded colleagues, we are also investing in our back of house areas where our employees spend their break-time. We hope they’ll find this environment restful and inspiring and another boost to their happiness.

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